Music and Your Mood

Why is it that whenever we’re feeling a little low, we can turn to our Ipods, radios,or CDs for a source of happiness?  Do our music choices really influence how we feel? In recent studies at the University of Illinois, psychologists have proven that ” there does exist mood effect in music. Ever since early experiments on psychological effects of music, studies have confirmed the function of music in changing people’s mood” ( Xiao Hu ,University of Illinois). Keeping this study in mind, I suggest finding a certain genre of music that can make you smile on your best days and make you feel stronger on your worst. Image




Song of the week May 5th – May 12th 2013

Song of the week May 5th – May 12th 2013

The 1975 with their song Chocolate. The 1975 are a British alternative band from Manchester, England. They formed in 2002 , but were not brought onto the label “Dirty Hit” until 2012. They have released 3 EPs but have not released their 1975 titled album yet. Their sound is a unique cross between the Big Pink , and electro- dance music. It has a very cheery rhythm and beat so let me know what you think 🙂 .

My Potential Prerogative

Music is the light of the world

Music is the light of the world

Hello Fellow Bloggers, welcome to the whimsical world of Alternative music headlines , chart toppers, and songs of the day. Of course music is spread through many different genres and can represent so many different emotions, thoughts, words, or ideas,but I dedicate this blog to the undiscovered talents that make up the world of Alternative. Enjoy!